Travel Beyond Podcast – Season 11

What to expect this season


Bend, Oregon is a fast-growing city and outdoor adventure destination. And as is true in many places, some locals are questioning whether tourism is worth the trouble. But Bend is also becoming a leader in sustainable travel through actions and alliances across the region that aim to ensure that tourism benefits everyone. The local travel industry is funding projects that make life better for Bend residents and preserve the environment everyone relies on.

On this season of Travel Beyond, you’ll hear from community leaders and tourism operators about many interrelated sustainability actions. You’ll learn what the latest resident sentiment research is showing, and hear about inspiring collaborations with NGOs, visitor education, and travel’s impact on the nearby Warm Springs Reservation. If you’re a tourism operator, travel leader, or conscious traveler trying to give back to the places you visit, this season’s for you.

Episode 1

How Bend reinvests tourism dollars into local services – with Serena Gordon

In Bend, reinvesting tourism dollars into the community makes life better for everyone. As Visit Bend’s first Sustainability Director, Serena Gordon is helping locals reap the rewards of their hometown’s popularity through programs like the Bend Sustainability Fund. She shares advice for other destination leaders working for change.

Serena Bishop Gordon

Episode 2

Learning from resident sentiment studies at OSU’s Sustainable Tourism Lab – with Todd Montgomery

How do locals really feel about tourism? Todd Montgomery is answering that question through the Oregon State University Sustainable Tourism Lab, a program he launched with support from Visit Bend. Todd shares some of his findings and why research like his is valuable to DMOs working toward better stewardship.

Todd Montgomery

Episode 3

Why “complete communities” make more sustainable places – with Ben Gordon

What began as one lawyer’s mission to save a forest is now Central Oregon LandWatch, an NGO overseeing rural and urban planning related to lands, waters, and issues like affordable housing. Executive Director Ben Gordon outlines the challenges ahead for this region and explains why more holistic community planning will make Bend a more attractive place to live and visit.

bend Gordon the Executive Director for Central Oregon Landwatch in Bend, Oregon.

Episode 4

Tourism’s impact on Tribal lands: Warm Springs Reservation – with Marge Kalama

Around 50% of Bend’s visitors arrive by travelling through the nearby Warm Springs Reservation. Local artist and radio producer Marge Kalama discusses how tourism impacts Warm Springs, emphasizing the importance of care for the land, the continuation of her community’s cultural practices, and the opportunities for collaboration with organizations in the Bend area.

Artist/DJ Marge Kalama

Episode 5

Bottom-up solutions: The bike shop making Bend better – with Dan McGargyle

“All we’re doing is building relationships.” Pine Mountain Sports is a solar-powered bike shop with a commitment to making Bend a better place to live. Owner Dan McGarigle talks about the impact his business makes as a community resource, and how Bend influences visitors.

Dan McGargyle

Episode 6

How guided tours help preserve nature – with Jared Garfield

People are going to explore, and it matters how they do it. Bend’s Wanderlust Tours guides visiting explorers is a way that preserves the lands and waters everyone relies on. Co-owner Jared Garfield shares several solutions related to visitor education and advice for tourism businesses seeking to make a positive community impact.

Jared Garfield